Immediate: Postdoctoral fellow positions available

The Shah Lab is seeking postdoctoral fellows (multiple positions available) to lead projects (i) how hypoxic cancer cells and immune cells coordinate metabolism for growth and progression (ii) Intestinal hypoxia, nutrient sensing, and absorption in health and disease (iii) micronutrient metabolism in cancer cell growth and cell death (ferroptosis) (iv) Hetero-cellular metabolite signaling between gut microbiota and intestinal epithelial cells in normal physiology and colon cancer progression.

Members of the Shah laboratory work in a highly collaborative research environment with leading experts in immunology, cancer biology and nutrition. Please contact Yatrik with interest by providing a CV and the names of 3 qualified references.

We are looking for talented trainees at all levels to join us in our research. If interested in a volunteer, undergraduate research opportunity (UROP), graduate rotation or full-time position, contact Yatrik Shah.

For graduate students interested in rotating in the Shah lab, please note that Yatrik is a member of the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PiBS) and has affiliations with the Molecular & Integrative Physiology, Cancer Biology and Cellular & Molecular Biology graduate programs.

Undergraduates may apply through UROP or contact Yatrik directly.